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the girl. >> i can't sleep at night because i was that close and yet so far. >> corlina was among the youngest of 12 children and a fourth grader in san francisco. she played basketball and loved to read. >> just very kind, sweet little girl. i don't know. we are going to really miss her and her presence. she was a very bright little girl. >> the neighborhood wants to know how the fire started. investigators don't have an answer yet, but they say it doesn't appear to be suspicious. >> as a parent i feel bad i wasn't able to go back in to get her because they wouldn't let me back in. i want to give her that much. >> and investigators say they hope to have a full report on what may have caused the fire on tuesday. live on treasure island, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian.
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new at 11:00, the white house has leaked details of a plan to overhaul the country's immigration system and deal with the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana looks at the plan and the criticism. >> for 17-year-old william, a simple wish for his dad had serious complications. >> i want my dad to not be scared. my dad is scared. >> his father is one of 11 million people who are undocumented in this country. for 17-year-old carmen rivera, the fear is that her mother will go back to el salvador and then not be able to return. >> i am scared she is going to want to leave, and then if she leaves i will stay here with my dad and my brother and my sister. my mom is going to be able to come back. >> the plan leaked by the white house this weekend would address many of the concerns from william in carmen. it would create a new type of visa for those undocumented
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called the lawful perspective immigrant. *9 visa would allow them to live and work in the u.s. and holders could apply for legal residency or a green card within eight years and after being granted a green card they could apply for citizenship. but advocates say they can't fully support the president's proposal. >> i feel like we do support some parts. but some parts we don't. >> they say the plan's major problem is that it doesn't guarantee a pathway to citizenship, and it doesn't adequately deal with future immigrants. republican lawmakers raised some of the same concerns and added others. >> by putting these details out without addressing the future flow and by giving advantage to those who came here legally, not dealing with border security adequately, that tells us he is looking for a partisan advantage. >> marco rubio who is working on a senate plan put out a statement saying this proposal is dead on arrival. the white house says this plan would only be pitched if
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lawmakers don't act quickly. >> he says it is dead on arrival if proposed. let's make sure it is not proposed. >> abc7 news. san francisco police reveal the same man may have uhing tayed two women in the mission district since early january. a police artist drew these sketches based on descriptions of the two victims in the attacks. the latest took place along bartlett between 22nd and 23rd streets around 1:00 in the morning on february 2nd. the victim reported that a man punched her several times. she protected her face with her fist and the attacker ran away. neighbors are keeping a closer eye on their surroundings. >> i definitely always walk my friends home or they walk me home. i do not walk alone super late anymore in my neighborhood. >> the assault resembled another one on january 6th where the man tackled a woman and held her down at 23rd and church streets.
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the victim screamed for help and he ran away. the district attorney in sacramento now must decide if ce will face any charges after killing a suspected it robber today. sheriff investigators say a man walked into the st folsom bowel folsom bowel -- boulevard and pointed a gun at the employee and ordered the person into a back room. that's when a different employee shot and killed the armed man. the same store has been armed several times. so far the employees are cooperating with investigators. a follow-up to a story we reported last night. a 72-year-old woman has died from injuries she received when she was hit by a muni bus in daly city. her family called today and gave us the news. the woman was in the crosswalk at lake merced and john muir drive when she was hit by the back end of the bus. the coast guard is conducting interviews to find out why a pleasure boat hit a packed on san francisco bay.
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this was the boat in the storage yard. the two men on board were hospitalized. there are reports that the boat was traveling at a high rate of speed when it collided with ms san francisco. this is video and the service will run as normal tomorrow. it has been a spectacular weekend. a major weather change is on the way. abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser is here with a first check on weather and what is happening outside right now. leigh? >> you better believe this weekend we were in the 60s and even low 70s. only in the 50s tomorrow. that's just the first change. live doppler 7hd is not showing any moisture out there yet. but by tuesday we are definitely going to be talking about the winter rains returning to the bay area. a beautiful shot out there. this is from our rooftop cam and looking toward the bay bridge. it is all lit up for you right now. a little fog sneaking in near the coast right now. san francisco right now is 48. 47 in san jose. novato is already in the 30s. 37 degrees and livermore right now is 43.
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big changes coming up beginning tomorrow we will look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast and let you know the day you will need the umbrella. >> thank you, leigh. we have breaking news, country singer mindy mccready died today and it appears she shot herself. the 37-year-old first hit the country charts in 1996. personal probl use drug abuse side tracked her career during the last decade. sheriff deputies found her dead on the porch of a home in arkansas. she suffered a single gunshot wound to the head. tens of,000 of catholics flocked to the vatican to see pope benedict xvi in one of his final public appearances. the crowd cheered as pope benedict offered blessings in several languages from his window over looking saint peter's square. the pope stunned the world when he revealed he will resign from the papacy
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effective the end of the month. >> the crowd was here for benedict and it probably mattered more to them than him. >> this marks the first time in more than 600 years that a pope has resigned. was rather tn office than have death. cardinals will arrive and vote for benedict's successor. new at 11:00, a man may have lost his job after a mother says he slapped her toddler's son on board an airliner. this man, joe hundley plans to turn himself in to face assault charges. jessica bennett claims hundredly not only slapped her 19-month-old adoptive son but referred to the ch awith a racial slur. hundredly appeared to be -- hundley appeared to be drunk. >> he fell on to my face and ear -- or his mouth was in my ear and he said it again, but even more hateful.
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he was on my face so i pushed him away. >> hundley's employer, an aerospace company, revealed he is not employed there. it is unclear if he was fired or if he quit. he intends to plead not guilty to assault charges. activists urge president obama to stick to the green agenda that helped him win a second term during a rally in san francisco of the several organizations called on the president to halt the keystone xl pipeline project. the pipeline would link caw neighed -- canadian oil fields and it would run through several states. they want to see the president and the congress do more to stop climate change. a few hundred people protested the anti-nudity law. the protesters targeted scott wiener. wiener wrote the anti-nudity law and he represents the castro. they feel the ban violates their right to express themselves. a federal judge sided with the
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city saying nudity is not a form of speech. they plan to appeal that decision. still to come on abc news at 11:00, an unusual concert by fire light. the controversy behind the piano and why it was set on fire. >> carolyn johnson, could an ingredient in rasberries burn off your extra pounds? what bay area experts are saying. >> and the new details about the meteor that exploded over russia just as new shooting stars streak across the sky here in the u.s.
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new at 11:00, a san francisco artist made sure a musical adventure went out in
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he played his last tune on an old baby grand piano on a cliff over looking half moon bay. he has been given concerts for weeks, but the city shut him down. he set the piano on fire and then kept playing through the flames. >> things like this bring people together and it is wonderful. the burning of the piano is challenging. i have a couple of ideas and i feel good about it. >> the city claimed she didn't have the proper permits. he may use some of the charred bits in a structure. for the last several months a popular fruit has been at the center of a weight loss craze. some bay area experts are cautious about the actual affects on the body. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. >> you may have seen rasberry-based supplements popping up on shelves. it stems in part from
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studies that suggest a key ingredient could hepburn fat. -- help burn fat. >> they are popular from breakfast to the dinner table, but an active ingredient has caught on with dieters. rasberry key tone is the compound that produces the aroma in the rasberry. 2 helped prevent weight gain in mice. a more recent study suggested key tone increased the cell's ability to break down fat. sharon is a nutritionist at california pacific medical center in san francisco. >> i think it is the extraction of that that gets to be complicated. >> she is concer expanding market for key tone supplements and extracts. while she believes the studies are intriguing, there is no evidence that the weight loss effective translates into the metabolism. >> i had patients that came in and said why don't you try it and see? they have come back six weeks later or two months and said it is not working.
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>> she is a bay area physician specializing in nutrition. she points to encouraging lab studies from the past that have f clinical application. >> 10 years ago when the hormone was first discovered, and they found that when they injected it into these fat mice, they very quickly got thin, and we thought we had the cure for obesity. unfortunately the human clinical trial did not translate. >> both believe it is worth further study given the affect on inflammation in human cells, but with current data neither would recommend key tone alone for weight loss. >> anything there is anything around weight loss or weight issues everyone jumps on the ban wagon. we are looking for a quick, easy fix and there is no such thing. >> researchers are interested in several compounds contained in rasberries for affect on cancers and other diseases. studies on those benefits are on going. i'm carolyn johnson, abc7 news. the academy awards is just
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one week away. and preparations are underway in los angeles for the big show. an hour ago police closed the stretch of hollywood boulevard in front of the theater where the ceremonies will be held. portable stands are being set up for people to view the arrivals. and don't forget abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars on sunday, february 24th. you can countdown on our official oscars app. it will give you the best access with more than a dozen cameras, streaming video behind the scenes and from the red carpet. our oscar app is available for the ip phone, ipad -- iphone, ipad and kindle fire. how is your weather going to shape up? leigh has the details. >> oh you got that right. temperatures the past three, four days, very spring-like. now it looks like although the winter will return, the live doppler 7hd will show you clear skies across the bay area. a little fog developing over
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the golden gate bridge. this is a live shot from our rooftop cam of the bay bridge there. and here is a look at some currents temperatures, folks. it is already getting into the 40s. san francisco 48 and oakland is at 50. it is already 39 degrees in novato. livermore 43. another shot from the high definition east by cam is looking out over the bay. the bay bridge on the eastern span is right here. here is a look at more numbers. napa, you are also at 40. fairfield 44, 46 in concord. los gatos 43 and gilroy right now 41 degrees. so here is a look at our forecast highlights. we are already seeing a little low cloudiness and fog near the golden gate. and that is going to mo tonight. low clouds and fog overnight. partly cloudy for monday. you will notice much cooler temperatures tomorrow, and then get ready for a cold rain on tuesday. that will mean low snow levels
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for you. let's point out what happened. the high pressure has got the ridge to the north. everything is starting to slide south. you can see the high clouds l of the lowmove in near the all of the low clouds and the fog with a westerly wind, that is also what will cool us down tomorrow. a westerly wind and all of that is going to move inland overnight tonight and tomorrow. and it will be a cold front as well as strong area of low pressure. the combination of the two is what will bring this colder air mass to the bay area. it will increase our clouds and also bring us rain back into the bay area as we head into tuesday . in fact, here is a look at our forecast animation. beginning tuesday at 5:00 in the morning, just in time for that commute, you will notice the showers start to move in. this is 9:00. , 10:00, 11:00, and by noon, the darker shades of green out ahead of the front and also
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the yellows with the moderate rain and all of this will continue to slide south. we will see some of the showers ease up in the north bay. really it is going to be a showery day throughout the day on tuesday. the higher elevations as we get on the backside of this system, the snow levels will be coming down close to 2500 feet. so overnight tews night and early -- overnight tuesday night and the hills could get a light dusting of snow. by wednesday morning all of the moisture has moved out, and we will see some sunshine. still a cool day. in the 30s and we will dip down to the mid to low 40s elsewhere. here is your highs for monday. remember more clouds tomorrow. no 60s or 70s. we will be in the 50s. santa clara 57. redwood city 57. half moon bay 51 and san francisco is only 55 tomorrow. we are looking for increasing clouds in the north bay. santa rosa 59. 55 for oakland and hayward 53 and interior east bay, san ramon 54 and brentwood 58.
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here is a look for the accu-weather five-day forecast, low snow levels tuesday night across the bay area. sunny and a cool day on wednesday and another shot of showers on thursday, and then we warm things up next weekend on on saturday and sunday. nice niko will be here with -- mike niko will be here with an update. >> and while shu is at spring training colin rush is at sports. >> and an intense moment between coach and player. alan crab would later say it is coach's way of motivating me. no hard feelings.
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emotions are getting the better of mike montgomery. it is alan crab against usc. it happened early second half and monty with a shove to the chest of crab during a time-out.
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monty's reason late other? he was walking around expression less and i had to get him going. players separated by teammates. cal fired up and bears down 8. 4 and a half to play. the bears are within four. down as many as 15 and justin cob with the go ahead three of the 62-61 bears. crab unstoppable after that altercation with monty. 23 points and 10 points and 6 steals. bears rally for the win. monty post game about the shove, it worked, didn't it? lyndsay gotlieb has the lady bears playing and britney boyd to win three. she finished with 16. she is cal's 6-time leading scorer. cal has won 11 straight. ucla and national player of the year candidate. some post moves and look at that. she lead all scores with 26. high-low play. stanford a winner by 11.
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their 15th straight over the bruins. the year was 1997. spreewell went for 19the west fl but the west fell to the east 132-120 fnlt remember? 16 years later and david lee, the first allstar warrior, but he contributed to a win. this is what you do in allstar games. lebron and d wade. lebron throwing down. he had 19 and wade had 21. 13 points of work and two handed slam right there. looked good. less than three minutes to play and kobe bryant and times the block on lebron. kevin durant drops in and lead all scores. mvp honors to chris paul. teardrop three and 20 points and three assists. only magic and eye isaiah did that before. still to come, the division title defense begins for the oakland a's. they were given no chance in the al west last year. this year underdogs no more.
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this time last year the a's entered spring training picked to finish last in the al west. they won the division titwhat w what will they do for an encore? mike shumann reports from phoenix. >> we had a lot of success. we should be very proud of the fact that we did. but this is a new season. unless you are moving forward you are moving backwards. >> this year's squad is a great mix of youth and experience. >> regardless of age, when you have that confidence of what we built last year, and you are learning you can get better, i think a lot of these guys are going to take steps forward and be even better than they were last year. i think everybody is worried about a regression and everybody is worried about was it a one hit wonder. i played with these guys all year. it wasn't. >> even with last year's are the thethe popular pick for this year's american league west champions. >> it was funny because this year we are still getting pushed behind the angels. it is like we are in the same position, but just not -- we
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are in as deep of a hole. but we don't mind. we will sneak in there and pull it off. >> they don't mind the underdog roll, and they want to take it a step further this season. >> the recipe is there for success. you have bob melvin here who is the magic man and knows when to pull the trigger. it is going to be exciting to say the least. >> i tell you what the enthusiasm was contagious today, and i for one cannot wait for the season to start. reporting in phoenix with the a's mike shumann, abc sports. >> turning our attention to tennis, milos roanic ending his run in san jose in dominating fashion. three years, three wins and never dropped a set. starts today's final and 144 mile per hour ace, hit four ace's in the opening game and finished with 19 and an over powering performance. the backhand return and that broke the serve. takes the first set and a pair of breaks in the second to close it out 6-4, 6-3 and
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roanic with four career titles. three in san jose. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> colin, thank you so much. well, coming up, we are learning more about the african athlete accused of murder, and what his training is saying about his future in sports. and new details about the meteor that exploded over russia and the pieces that could now be worth hundreds of thousands
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good evening. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a candlelight vigil was held in memory of corlinagodfried. she was trapped in an apartment fire and investigators are still looking for the cause. you are looking at sketches of suspects police
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believe may be the same man. san francisco police say two women were attacked in the last few months and the last was on bartlett between 22nd and 23rd street. thousands of people marched for climate change in san francisco. protesters urged president obama to reject construction of the keystone oil pipeline that would stretch from canada to the gulf coast. s details surrounding the shooting death of the girlfriend of paraolympian oscar pistorius. as family members arrived at the jail where pistorius is confined, they say a bloody cricket bat was found in the home. steenkamp was found shot to death in the home. they have canceled all future races for him. >> we basically discussed the races and contracts that have been signed and secured for this year and keeping him up-to-date with regard to all of the sponsors. >> pistorius has been charged
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with premeditated murder. he claims he thought steenkamp was an intruder. now to russia and the fallout from that massive meteor that came crashing to earth. tonight we learned from nasa it was traveling at 46,000 miles per hour when it crashed. now no, sirly as fast -- now nearly as fast people on the internet are trying to make money on their finds. >> reporter: the meteor exploded in midair. the force of 30 hiroshima bombs. it scattered glass across the region and scattering fragments worth big money for anyone who finds them. tonight scientists have confirmed the first fragments found near this hole in a frozen lake where a big chunk landed. media says it is worth 100 to 100,000 depending on size. already they are showing up on ebay. this one is going for $4090.
2:36 am
this one is going -- $490 and this one under a thousand. notice how they don't look anything alike? >> that's it right there? >> reporter: he found a tiny rock he thinks is part of the meteor. he found it on the frozen lake. the hole has become something of a tourist attraction. people streaming in to see it for themselves. more conspiracy folks have suggested this is an american rocket attack or an alien space invasion. but others have found a more divine interpretation. the faithful gather at this church by the lake. some seeking to attribute spiritual meaning to the cosmic event. father dimitri says there are still more people visiting the hole than the church, but he says god saved this village. abc news, russia. and in florida reports of a possible meteor shower there tonight. this is an image from tv station wplg. the u.s. coast guardwere floodey were flooded with reports of people seeing flare-like
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objects from jacksonville to key west. gas prices continue to climb. the price of gas has gone up 31 straight days. at $3.68 the national average is the highest it has ever been for this time of year. the average in california and the bay area is now more than $4 a gallon. one cause is a switch from winter to summer blend. another is low inventory caused by problems fineries b refineries because of hurricane sandy. just ahead, a man's phony story about his life as a navy seal begins to unraffle. what happened when -- unravel. what happened when people ealed if he wa thing. dan noyes has the i team investigation. >> and checking in withive se hd.
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a former lake tahoe bar -- bartender has used his phony stories of being a navy seal to scam hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped him land a security contract in africa. but the i team is exposing the imposter. dan noyes has part two of an i
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team investigation. >> hi, aj. >> aj dickens sold his phony life story for $50,000. he convinced two doctors to give him hundreds of thousands more for a new security firm and then had his sights set on his biggest pay day yet. enter don shipley. >> if i get one more phone call to ask me to verify if aj dicken was a navy seal i will take this pin and blow myself up. jay he is a retire -- >> he is a retired navy seal in virginia. he has access to the official database. he spends much of his time exposing phonies on the youtube channel, but the video hoe posted about aj dicken didn't slow him down. >> how he turned that around and had people convinced for more money as i posted that myself. i killed so many people in central and south america and afghanistan and all over the world that they are looking for me.
2:42 am
i put that up to throw them off my trail. >> they gave him almost $400,000 each for his new venture. global security and logistics. he was able to talk his way into the world sports alliance , an organization that works closely with the united nations in developing countries. dicken was the wsa's security chief on a $300 million contract. the plan? to build a waste to energy plant in the african nation of barundy, a project that would have a ripple affect. >> we were talking about levels of money where we could put money into immunization programs and really have a huge significant impact on people's health. >> in september he attended meetings at the united nations as wsa's new security chief. and in october he organized his own trip bringing a staff of eight along. they tell me the trip was a mess from the start. >> i was like, this guy has never been overseas in his life. >> really, why?
2:43 am
>> even simple things like going through customs and showing your passport and all of that, he was clueless. >> was the drinking constant with aj? >> constant. i don't think there was a moment he was not drunk the entire trip. >> he hired matt rosner to head operations. he said after they arrived it was clear no meetings were set up. they were winging it. and aj's negotiations went far beyond a wasted energy plant. >> we show up saying we want to train your military. we want to come in and provide you weapons and whatever, and they are just like who are you? >> the head of security for the trip, a former marine sniper tells me it is clear to those with real military backgrounds that dicken was a fake. >> we knew it was ridiculous. we got diplomatic passports. we got all of this stuff. it was becoming real. >> this all started to
2:44 am
unraffle weeks later when he opened up a bank account for global security funds, but tried to set it up so only he could ago sets the money. the board fired him. >> his response? >> he turned white as a sheet. he basically walked out of the restaurant halfway through the meeting and since then they have more or less been on the run. >> they checked the truck and the cheap parked right here for the last couple weeks. and now they are gone. >> i was able to track him from his house outside carson city. over the past two months he took his rv to his parents' home in southern california and across the country to the atlanta area and back. >> i'm dan noyes from abc. >> where i caught up to him in his parents' background. >> i don't have a navy back ground. >> he gave a few blanket denials. the most questioning -- pressing question is the guns on the promotional videos.
2:45 am
dicken is a felon. records from riverside county show convictions for burglary, receiving stolen property and child concealing. the carson city sheriff's office say they along with the fbi and the atf want to question him. the saga of aj dicken, the phony navy seal resonates for those who actually served in the military. >> it is wrong. people put their lives on the line every day and people die every day for this country. when somebody fakes that it is upsetting to anybody that ever served. >> the doctors are trying to move forward without aj dicken. they have a meeting for next month and trying to introduce their new security chief to the wsa. when aj dicken took off, he left behind a treasure trove. receipts for phony documents including a navy seal team id and all of the awards. the silver star and the purple heart and anybody can buy them off the internet. dan noyes, abc7 news.
2:46 am
>> and one last check on our weather and let's get to leigh glaser. >> the clouds will start to move in. live doppler 7hd is showing you everything is clear. if you are traveling tomorrow and heading back east. washington, d.c. is 44. but you will notice a band of rain is moving from chicago toward st. louis and down toward new orleans. that's where most of the nasty weather will be. denver is looking good at 42. we will look for another batch of rain settling into seattle. seattle is 47 degrees. now for our stay, we will look for 65 for los angeles and 69 fresno. 49 for lake tahoe. you can see the leading edge of the cold front and that will bring the bay area a colder air mass for your monday and also the return of those winter rains on tuesday. in fact, here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. yes, that's what it is, the accu-weather seven-day forecast. you will see a cold rain returns for our tuesday.
2:47 am
daytime highs in the mid to low 50s. ouch. it is going to be a cold day then and wednesday look looing -- looking for sunshine and then friday and saturday and sunday we will start to warm things back up from the upper 50s to low 60s. >> thank you so much, leigh. shu has been at spring training so colin rush is doing sports. >> he has done really good weather. it has been talked about for years. he asked he asked the a's owner about his continued quest for a new stadium. shu is a busy guy. the new beard.
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the a's with their first full squad workout today in phoenix as they look to defend their al west crown. as mike shumann reports, he is busy defending his facial hair. >> i don't know. as much as i switch up my facial hair i will try to hold on to it as long as i can. >> you don't have to worry about grooming or anything. >> that's one thing here, the -- they don't police the facial hair. i don't see it getting foo --
2:51 am
too out of hand. maybe just a trim up here and there. i don't know. it could go to chops or goatee. we'll see where it goes. >> i asked about josh's beard. what do you think of that? >> good. we are the a's. we have a little history with that. worked hard on it. >> he grew a beard. he just sat around and grew a beard. i don't know. i am not going to say it looks good. but it is an interesting look. >> what is up with josh's beard? >> i don't know, man. i don't want to see that beard in july in texas or something where it is dripping and gross and you have to high five him and hug him, i will stay away from that. >> what about josh reddick's beard? jay if josh can hit 300a's fans don't care what he looks like. reporting in phoenix with the a's, mike shumann, sports. >> equal opportunity today. you also spoke with the co-owner about the on going quest for a new stadium. from fremont to san jose, baseball commissioner bud
2:52 am
selig formed a committee three and a half years ago to look at the feasibility and still no answer. >> he only lives a few miles from here. i would suggest you go over there. right now with this camera in hand. he has done so many good things and he taught me a little more patience. i can't really comm comment, bue is trying to make sure we balance ourselves with the giants and in territories and all of that stuff. it has actually gotten tiring for me. >> it has to be frustrating for you too. >> it is a little embarassment. we'll see what happens. >> is it keeps on going. immediately following tonight's game against usc, cal coach mike montgomery said, quote, i would do it again it that's what it takes. i want to win. this is what he is referring to, early second that and monty to a shove to the chest of alan crab during a time-out. teammates step in to separate the two. crab is upset. monty's reception, he is my
2:53 am
guy and i needed him to get going and get going he did. four and a half to play and crab shooting three. down as many as 15. justin cob with the go ahead three right here. 62-61 bears and then crab with his second of back to back three's. man, he lit it up late. 23 points and 10 boards and controversy as cal wins it 76-68. it is not the prettiest band of basketball, but the nba allstar game is competitive and it was tonight. lebron james and the heat teammate dwyane wade showing off. this is what you guys do. off the back bored and -- backboard. six points and 13 minutes of action. the two handed dunk. less than three minutes to go and kobe bryant t le on lebron. the block and kevin durant. easiest in the night. he lead all scores with 30. mvp honors to chris paul.
2:54 am
only "magic" johnson and isaiah thomas have ever done that. the west win it win -- 143-138. milos roanic was five years old at the time. he never lost a match or a set in san jose, and in his opening service game, yes, ace number one and ace number two and ace number three. and then number four all up the tee next game and a backhand return winner. he takes the first set 6-4. it includes the game to close it out 6-4, 6-3. he is the only one to win three straight in san jose. the final round and the riveara country club and born in long beach and went to ucla. a long par putt on 14 and it drops to keep the lead at 11 under. birdie putt to tie them for the lead and yes.
2:55 am
to a sudden death playoff. two putts for par. puts the pressure on and needs to make the putt to extend the match and pushes it. it is his first tour win with a hug for the little dude. history made at daytona. danica patrick is the first woman to win andread danica sprd around 46 seconds and averaging 196 miles per hour and this is just her second trip to daytona. it happens next sunday. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. wouldn't it be amazing if danica could win it next sunday. she started at 125 before taking the pole. >> thank you, colin. and that is it for this edition. the news continues at 4:30. i'm ama date for colin rush and everyone here, thanks for joining us and have a good week.
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this morning on "world news now," tragic death. country singer mindy mccready, who faced a growing list of personal problems, has been found dead. >> this morning, nashville's top stars are expressing condolences after mccready took her own life. it's monday, february 18th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good monday morning. i'm rob nelson.
2:59 am
>> and i'm diana perez. news of mccready's death sent shockwaves through nashville. also this morning, history was made at the vatican as pope benedict made one of his last public appearances as the leader of the roman catholic church. we'll explain what's next as he prepares to resign. >> just ten days from now. >> incredible that it's even happening. major medical advance this morning. giving vision to people who cannot see. it could be the first fda approved bionic eye and we'll show you how it's making a huge difference in the lives of some. amazing technology there. look at that. later on this half hour, the kinky techniques described in the book "50 shades of grey." who's teaching the curious the lessons that may be difficult to forget? >> i must ask, have you ever read the book? >> i have not read the book? >> not interested or just haven't gotten around to it? >> well, with a baby, i don't do a whole lot of reading. i did something right. >> wll

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